*BREAKING NEWS* Image-Guided Surgery

What is image-guided surgery?

The focus of On Target Laboratories is the discovery and development of small molecules that, when conjugated with fluorescent dyes, target and illuminate specific cancerous cells and other diseased tissue. This illumination may provide the surgeon with a clearer view of diseased tissue, creating another decision-making tool to benefit the patient. This technology is based on the pioneering work of Philip S. Low, PhD, the Ralph C. Corley Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University and Director of the Purdue University Center for Drug Discovery.

  • Image-guided surgery is an evolving field in which a surgeon’s ability to identify malignant tissue in real-time is enhanced by the use of fluorescent imaging agents. If successful, this illumination would enable better identification, staging and removal of diseased tissue and provide more insight for the clinician and, ultimately, the patient.
  • An ongoing challenge in the image-guided surgery field is to find imaging agents that are targeted and specific to diseased areas and minimize risk to healthy tissue. Many available imaging agents lack this desired precision. OTL’s compounds are being developed to meet this surgical need.
  • OTL’s compounds are very specific to targets overexpressed in diseased tissue, including cancer and autoimmune diseases, and can specifically introduce therapeutics, radio-imaging agents and optical-imaging agents to diseased cells.

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