Comparing the Effect of Tampering on the Oral

Comparing the Effect of Tampering on the Oral Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Two Extended-Release Oxycodone Formulations with Abuse-Deterrent Properties.


Oxycodone DETERx® is an extended-release (ER), microsphere-in-capsule abuse-deterrent-formulation designed to retain its extended-release properties following tampering or misuse (e.g., chewing, crushing). This study assessed the safety and pharmacokinetics of orally administered intact and crushed Oxycodone DETERx® capsules compared with intact and crushed reformulated OxyContin® tablets and crushed immediate-release oxycodone tablets (IR oxycodone).


This was a randomized, open-label, active-controlled, cross-over study. Healthy subjects received five oxycodone treatments (40 mg) with a standardized high-fat, high-calorie meal: Oxycodone DETERx® (intact or crushed), OxyContin® (intact or crushed), and IR oxycodone (crushed). Blood samples were collected for assessment of oxycodone plasma concentrations.


Thirty-eight subjects completed the study. Both crushed and intact Oxycodone DETERx® resulted in lower peak plasma concentrations when compared with IR oxycodone. Crushed Oxycodone DETERx® was bioequivalent to intact Oxycodone DETERx® and exhibited a numerically lower Cmax . Also, median Tmax was unchanged by crushing. In contrast, mean peak plasma oxycodone concentrations for crushed OxyContin® were significantly higher compared with intact OxyContin® and were bioequivalent to IR oxycodone. Median Tmax for crushed OxyContin® was the same as IR oxycodone and 3.25 hours shorter than intact OxyContin®.


These data demonstrate that when crushed and taken orally, Oxycodone DETERx® maintains its EXTENDED-release profile, while crushed OxyContin® shows a pharmacokinetic profile similar to an immediate-release product. These results suggest that Oxycodone DETERx® may be less attractive to illicit drug users compared with existing abuse-deterrent-formulations, while providing a safer option for patients who may unknowingly crush their medication such as those who have difficulty swallowing.

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